xiaoxiao xu

Aeronautics in the backyard

Year of publication: 2016
Published by The Eriskay Connection

Aeronautics in the Backyard is a mythical, fairytale-like photo series about the dream of flying, freedom and creativity.

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The sound of stars

Year of publication: 2015
Published by Osservatorio Fotografico

Curated by Silvia Loddo and Cesare Fabbri for Osservatorio Fotografico within the framework of the project “Dove viviamo”

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The way to the golden mountain

Year of publication: 2014
Published by Sturm & Drang

Dedicated to my hometown

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Love doll factory

Year of publication: 2013
Published by Marco van Duyvendijk

Love Doll Factory is a delightful little book, made in loveable pink colours and with a highly enjoyable soft touch cover.

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