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New release


My latest photobook Shooting the Tiger is finally released! The book can be ordered now on the Eriskay Connection.

Cultuurfonds magazine


Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds featured Shooting the Tiger in their magazine summer edition.



Shooting the Tiger is finally being printed! How magical to seeing it come to life. The book launch will be announced soon.

Press proof


The press proof of my new publication Shooting the Tiger turned out beautifully. I look forward to printing the book!

British Journal of Photography


Izabela Radwanska Zhang wrote an article on Shooting the Tiger for the Love issue of the British Journal of Photography. 

Shooting the Tiger


The crowdfunding for my fifth photo book ‘Shooting the Tiger’ has started now! Hereby is the link to the campaign where you can learn more about the project.



At Dutch Design Week 2021, architect and former government architect, Floris Alkemade, will present an exhibition in the form of a labyrinth on behalf of the Board of Government Advisors and together with World Design Embassies.
My work Aeronautics in the Backyard will be on display in the labyrinth presented by the Forhanna Collection.

Rooms Within China


Some of my works have been featured in Rooms Within China from Tofu Collective. A kaleidoscopic collection of 100 photographs captured by 20 contemporary photographers from China.

De Gooi- en Eemlander


Els Blom of De Gooi-en Eemlander wrote a nice article about the exhibition China Dreams in Museum Hilversum.

China Dreams


From 20 August till 24 October the exhibition China Dreams can be seen in Museum Hilversum. A trilogy about today’s China. With works by Ruben Lundgren, Ruben Terlou, and me.



Good news! ‘Watering my horse‘ has been selected to take part in the exhibition for the Best Photography Book Award PHoto ESPAÑA in the international category.

Oog op de natuur


I am beyond thrilled to be selected as one of the five photographers who will receive a grant from the Oog op de Natuur foundation, for works that focus on nature or the relationship between people and nature. I will be embarking on a new journey for a project about the Tibetan glaciers!



Aeronautics in the Backyard will be part of a photo book exhibition 
at the Grassi Museum of Applied Art in Leipzig from 25 November to 
3 April, 2022

Mini documentary


A mini-documentary about my work by the great Robin de Puy.


Director: Robin de Puy
DOP: Maarten van Rossem
Editor: Annelien van Wijnbergen
Recordist: Jaap Sijben
Sounddesign: Melcher Meirmans
Grading: Maarten van Rossem
MUAH: Yokaw
Assistant: Jeroen Horstink
Cliënt: CameraNu

Producer: Robin de Puy / Maruan Hassan

British Journal of Photography


Daniel Boetker-Smith wrote an article about my work Watering my horse for British Journal of Photography.

Prix Pictet


My work has been nominated for the prestigious Prix Pictet: the world’s leading photography prize in sustainability. The theme for this year’s prize is Fire.

It's nice that


It’s Nice That featured my work, words by Lucy Bourton.

Lucie Photo Book Prize


I am excited to share that my book, Watering my horse by a spring at the foot of the Long Wall, is shortlisted for the Lucie Photo Book Prize! To view the full list of finalists, please visit here.

2020 favorite photobooks


Thank you Daniel Boetker-Smith and Jiazazhi Press for selecting “Watering my horse” as your favorite photobook of 2020!

Jimei X Arles


My genuine gratitude to 2020 Jimei X Arles for acknowledging “Watering my horse by a spring at the foot of the Long Wall” with the Women Photographers Award. I very much appreciate it!

Les Others


Happy to collaborate with the French outdoor magazine Les Others on their 12th thematic (Re)construction. Aeronautics In The Backyard is featured in this special edition.

Le Monde Magazine


I am so happy and grateful with this beautiful publication in french Le Monde Magazine!



Matt Dunne reviews “Watering my horse” for C4 Journal, C4 Journal is a new platform dedicated to writing about photography. And Matt’s piece turned out sharp and profound.

China Imagined


An artist/curator live stream talk, with moderator Christine De Baan, curator Ruben Lundgren and He Yining, we discussed the perceptions and realities of our show “China Imagined”.



“Watering my horse by a spring at the foot of the Long Wall” is now on show in De Grote Kerk at BredaPhoto as part of the China Imagined exhibition curated by Yining He and Ruben Lundgren.

PF magazine


The Dutch PF magazine devotes an entire issue to BredaPhoto, with the roller skate girl on the cover :)



Setting up the exhibition in the Great Church of Breda. The illustrated map of the Wall by Mandy Peeters is being drawn as background. Very excited to see the final result! BredaPhoto will be held from September 9 to October 25.

VK Magazine


Today Volkskrant Magazine dedicated a nice article to the exhibition “China Imagined” for the upcoming photo festival BredaPhoto, with 24 Chinese photography projects, including my series Watering My Horse, which is now being shown for the first time. To be seen from September 9th – October 25th in De Grote Kerk of Breda!

Collector Daily


Collector Daily reviewed Watering my horse. 

“The photobook begins with a sunny photo of blossoming young cherry trees growing along the road near the mountains. Beginning in the spring of 2017, the narrative moves chronologically through the seasons, while also progressing from east to west, reinforcing the idea of a continuous journey through space and time”

“There are numerous photographs of children and toddlers, adding a flicker of hope. A photograph of a boy standing on top of a hay filled truck, with an older man at the wheel, seems symbolic of the cycle of generations. One spread shows children at the playground: a boy hanging upside down on a metal wheel as he looks right in the camera, and three girls climbing on another outdoor ramp. Then, a full spread image captures a girl in a red sweater lying on a pile of corn cobs, the brighter colors popping. A few pages later, a vertical photograph of two baby goats lying next to each other on a path is paired with a smaller horizontal image of two girls leaning on each other, Xu’s juxtapositions bringing tenderness and empathy to the narrative.” – Olga Yatskevich



Today Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant published a great article about Watering My Horse at the Foot of the Long Wall.



Maria-Caterina Bellinetti, an art historian specialized in photography and Chinese visual propaganda and culture wrote the essay for my book.

Latest she interviewed me for the magazine Art&Object, very happy with her writings again.

Maria writes: “The images taken by Xu create cracks, open windows, and clean the rubble of what we thought we knew about this monument.” The full article can be read here 



Online gallery Multiplemade will be representing some works from the series Watering my horse. The image selection can be seen on their website.



Leica Fotografie International wrote a review on my book Watering My Horse.



A book review about ‘Watering my horse’ on GUP

Out now!


My fourth photo book ‘Watering my horse by a spring at the foot of the Long Wall” is finally being published! It can be ordered on the website of The Eriskay Connection

Next to the Wall


A nice article about my work Watering My Horse is featured in Musee Magazine. The photo book “Watering my horse by a spring at the foot of the Long Wall” will be released at the end of April. More coming soon!



Happy with this map for my book Watering my Horse, drawn by Mandy Peeters, map data by Carel Fransen.

The Great Wall of China is not a single continuous construction, but rather a collection of walls and towers built during various Chinese dynasties. I followed the section of the wall from the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). The Ming Wall counts 8850 km from the Shanhai pass in the east to the Jiayu pass in the west.

This map shows the locations of the different walls, with emphasis on the Ming Wall. The map also includes illustrations of Mongolian warriors and Chinese peasants, mountains and desert, and the nine garrisons of the Ming dynasty. These nine military stations connect the Ming Wall from beginning to end.

Watering my Horse by a Spring at the Foot of the Long Wall, will be published soon in March.

Press proofing!


Press proof file has been sent to the printer…! Can’t wait to see the result.



I am so happy that Watering My Horse is 117% funded on Voordekunst! Supporters, thank you again for standing with me. The book will be finalized in the next month, the aim is to print the book in February. The exact release date and presentation place will be announced soon.

Image: Roller skating girl, 2018. From Watering My Horse.




I am currently crowdfunding to help raise funds to cover the costs of publishing my fourth photo book, Watering my horse by a spring at the foot of the Long Wall. see link: Watering my horse

Please help me to get 100% funded! Any support is much appreciated, thank you!

Love is worth it


Recently the Brazilian Trip magazine published an article on Love Doll Factory. A few years ago, I visited the Ya Mei Plastic Factory with photographers Marco van Duyvendijk. This small Chinese factory produces love dolls. The series Love Doll Factory is a small tribute to the factory and its workers.

West East


My work will be included in the exhibition West East at Museum of Contemporary Photography Milan, a project curated by GENDA magazine which will showcase the best of 3 issues of GENDA magazine, 23 June – 20 October 2019.

Sixth Tone


An article about my work is published on Sixth Tone. This is the third article in a series on overseas photographers of Chinese origin.

Life Magazine


The Chinese Life Magazine recently spent 14 pages on my series watering my horse by a spring at the foot of the Long Wall. Please find the publication here.



“Come with me; I will teach you to subdue the beast of ignorance roaming in jungles of the human mind” will be my new project about India. Can’t wait to embark on this adventure!

Prix Pictet


Happy to hear the nomination for Prix Pictet!

Festival La Nuu


Aeronautics In The Backyard at Festival La Nuu throughout October.

Beijing Photo Biennial


Aeronautics In The Backyard is currently on show at Beijing Photo Biennial!

SFO Museum


San Francisco airport museum is now showing Aeronautics In The Backyard at terminal 1 from 14 August till 13 November.

GEO Finland


A reprint of the “Die Freiheit der Himmelsstürmer” reportage (GEO Germany April issue 2018) in GEO Finland.



Aeronautics In The Backyard is being presented in the
exhibition The Hobbyist for the 49th edition of The Rencontres de la Photographie.

GEO Germany


A very nice article on “Aeronautics in the backyard” in the current issue of GEO magazine Germany.

Figures de l’envol


Aeronautics in the Backyards will be exhibited at the Centre Photographique in Rouen as part of the group exhibition Figures de l’envol from February to May 2018.

Nucleus | De verbeelding van wetenschap


Aeronautics in the Backyards is included in Noorderlicht Fotomanifestatie 2017. The work is being shown in KINK Assen from October to November 2017.

The sound of stars


The sound of stars curated by Veronica Lanconelli for Osservatorio Fotografico.

The Hobbyist


One photograph from the Aeronautics series will be included in the group show The Hobbyist at FotoMuseum Winterthur. The exhibition aims to explore the relationship between photography and hobby culture.

With works by Diane Arbus, Benedikt Bock, Chris Burden, Jeremy Deller/Alan Kane, Carol Goodden/Gordon Matta-Clark, Stephanie Kiwitt, Mike Mandel, Lotte Reimann, Xiaoxiao Xu and many others.



In my dreams :)



Aeronautics In The Backyard is featured on Fisheye!

Time lightbox


An honor to be featured on Time lightbox!



Aeronautics in the Backyard is featured on BBC Culture!



An interview done by Sheung Yiu for Urbanautica.



Thanks Hard/hoofd for the nice article, the five stars, and the diamond!

Nederlandse Fotoboekenprijs


I feel honored that “Aeronautics in the backyard” is shortlisted for Best Dutch Photobook 2016! It’s a very nice list, with Dana Lixenberg, Bob Siers, Mariken Wessels and Hanne van der Woude.



Aeronaut Yuan Xiangqiu on the cover for PF magazine!

De School


Aeronautics in De Gang at De School Amsterdam. Read up the interview here.

Rakes Progress


Rakes Progress magazine published an 8 page article on Aeronautics in the backyard series!

The Guardian


Aeronautics In The Backyard is selected as one of the best photobooks of 2016 by The Guardian!

Volkskrant fotoboek speciaal


Aeronautics In The Backyard is selected as one of the best photobooks of 2016 by Volkskrant!



I shared my project aeronautics in the backyard at TEDxAmsterdam among other inspirational speakers!



The exposition Aeronautics In The Backyard is open till 17 December in gallery Canvas Contemporary at Geldersekade 30 in Amsterdam.

Book presentation


“Aeronautics In The Backyard” will be presented during Breda Photo
and Unseen Amsterdam on 18 and 23 September!

Unseen dummy award


My new dummy Orim Oil is shortlisted for Unseen Dummy Award!

Flying High


She Huo & Love doll factory series are included in Flying High young Chinese photography exhibition in Confucius Institute Leipzig, Germany

Kassel dummy award


I am feeling lucky to be selected for the Kassel Dummy Award shortlist!